Today’s Health Management Ounce of Prevention

Our Canadian methods of how we treat our health sometimes leave a lot to be desired. It seems that we favor the treatment of ailments and physical problems instead of preventing what could be the reasons for the issues. I feel that the medical community will ignore, hide or shun altogether any kind of natural therapy or prevention. It’s imperative you educate yourself about all the choices for your health.

Growing up I remember an old expression that stated an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I am not sure who said it initially but generally, I attributed it to my mother who was about 95 – 100 pounds soaking wet. She was tired of people telling her to stop smoking due to the terrible health issues she might get out of it. I believe she made the remark back to people who sat eating several donuts at coffee break time and were clearly obese. To make a long story short mother got terrible health and paid for it with a shortened life and who knows if the ounce of treatment of not taking up the habit would have prevented the ailments. The obesity problem she addressed in her attackers likely had as many if not more health problems also and cutting back on unhealthy eating habits could have been their ounce of prevention.

Mother usually had a comment about the heavy saying genetics or thyroid issues was a lot of baloney too but when it comes to your health you’re not at the mercy of your genetics and an option exists that does not rely on medication treatments. You want to take measures in the means of discovering your ounce of prevention if for nothing else but to prevent the pound of cure prior to any bad issues creep in.

Preventative Medicine Discussion With Your Doctor is Unusual

From the time you have a health problem to the physician, chances are he or she’s not going to sit down and discuss any preventative you might have done. Odds are also good that the primary subject will be attempting this or that remedy and conducting several tests to get you started on the drug treadmill. Prevention options sometimes appear expensive but the cost is an ounce in comparison to the pound mentioned previously.

Incidentally, you probably have figured out there’s not any money to be made with healthy patients. Nearly all TV commercials are all about access to some other miracle medicine to ask your physician about to your own self-diagnosis so you feel obligated to ask the physician about any actual or imaginary ailment.

Maybe I sound like there is a conspiracy to grab your money but time constraints make it nearly impossible for your health professional to sit down with you the individual to go over a customized health plan when her or his waiting room is filled with ill patients demanding a cure they watched on a TV commercial.

As a customer take control today. Educate yourself on preventatives and other alternatives available other than medication routines and operation. Surely, you can ask your physician about any suggestions for disease prevention. It’s likely you’ll just receive a non or broad answer with no details particularly if they may mean going to the health food shop.

There’s a real concern that we rely way too much on prescriptions and it just is becoming too commonplace. If you don’t feel why does the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), issue warnings about the overuse of antibiotics, for example.

If the physician won’t or does not have enough opportunity to sit down to teach you how you can keep your immune system functioning top-notch so you won’t get ill then educate yourself. All the doctor has to do is wait a while and you will be by anyway for the pound of cure that is he grabs the pen and prescription pad and you also get to see the pharmacy too. At least if nothing else in case you educate yourself on the choices of preventions that are available you can spend your time doing this and be wiser for it too and wealthier because the ounce is less costly than the pound of cure.